Best Friend Veterinary Hospital & Pet Lodge


Best Friend Veterinary Hospital is owned and operated by Dr. Sue Manour and her husband Cyrus. It was designed to have the look and feel of a lodge so that our clients and their pets feel at home, not like they are in a hospital. Our clinic and its staff are dedicated to making our clients feel welcome and confident that their pets are getting the very best in care.

Front Desk/Reception Area


Our front desk is designed to be welcoming and inviting. We want you to feel like you are checking in at a resort and not a Vet Clinic. Our front desk staff will always welcome you with a smile and be more than happy to help.

Our Clinic Store


Best friend Vet has a wide selection of pet care items in our store. We have everything from food and wellness products to clothes and fancy collars. Come by anytime and shop around for your furry friends today, we look forward to seeing you!

Kids Play Area


We have a kids play area located immediately to the right when you walk in the doors. It has many toys and games as well as a small television to keep the human children happy and content.

Exam Rooms


This is one of our five exam rooms at the clinic. The rooms are spacious as well as warm and inviting. Our computers are equipped with state of the art DIA software that allows clients to watch informative videos on subjects that pertain to the reason for their pets visit that day while they wait. We also have cartoons available for children to allow the parents to focus on their conversation with the doctor.

Pharmacy Area


This is our Pharmacy area where we look at samples under the microscope and fill your pets prescription medications. This is one of the behind the scenes areas that clients do not get to see when they come in for a visit, so we wanted to take this opportunity to let you see what goes on behind the closed doors in the exam rooms.

Treatment Area


This is where all the action is! The Treatment Area is where we bring your pet when and if we take them out of the exam room for a procedure during your visit. This is also where we do your pets dental cleanings and other minor surgical procedures.



The Lab is where we run your pets in house blood work and where we sterilize our surgical equipment. We have state of the art blood machines that allow us quick results when needed.



This is the Surgical Suite where we do our surgical procedures. We also have two surgical stations in the event that an emergency surgery comes in while a doctor is preforming a routine surgery.

Treatment Area Kennels


This area is used to house our surgery patients and our hospitalized patients. We also have another area (not pictured) near here that we use to keep our elderly or sick boarding patients so that they are being watched at all times.



We have ultrasound available in house for simple procedures. For more complicated diagnosis and procedures we have the capability of having your pet seen in our clinic by an ultrasound specialist.

Digital Radiography


Best Friend Vet has Digital X-Ray available for our patients. This allows for us to have a much crisper image while exposing the pet to less radiation. This system also allows us to have an instant image so that we can usually do them while you wait.

The Pet Lodge:

Indoor Run


This is our Indoor run at our Pet Lodge. It is 4ft wide by 6ft tall and 6 ft deep. It has a pet cot in the back that we put the pets bedding on which allows them to sleep up of the floor. The pets are hand walked outside to the fenced courtyard at least 3 times daily.

Indoor/Outdoor Run


This is our Indoor/Outdoor Run at the pet lodge. It is the same size as the Indoor run and has a doggie door in the back which allows them to go in and out of their separately fenced areas in the courtyard. The doggie doors are closed when we close to ensure the pets safety.

Grooming Salon


This is the Pet Salon Area where your pets come in cute and leave magnificent! We have 3 groomers on staff, and grooming is available 7 days a week. Call today for an appointment today at the Pet salon!

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*We will be Closed on the following Holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving.

*We will also close at 4 pm New Year's Eve and Christmas Eve.