Dr. Sue Mansour


  • Dr. Sue Mansour
  • Dr. Courtney Lesnick
  • Dr. Sara Slagel
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  • Stacy Yarberry - Office Manager
  • Mary Plymail - Assistant Manager


  •  Kasey Parker- Lead Receptionist
  • Angie Strawn
  • Melinda Grant
  • Bree Kettles
  • Daniela Melgarejo
  • Rachel Crabb

Vet Technicians

  • Mary Bell - Lead Technician
  • Jennifer Mauney
  • Laura Yount
  • Jenilee Stoicsitz
  • Jenni Elkins
  • Julie Booth
  • Ervina Fejzic
  • Melisa Rodriguez
  • Kim Pinkston

Kennel Technicians

  • Amy Harris
  • Mackenzie Clark
  • Colton Sharit
  • Lora Payne


  • Kim Stillman
  • Emmalee Mann
  • Abby Scott

Sue Mansour

Dr. Sue Mansour and her husband Cyrus are the owners of Best Friend Veterinary Hospital and Pet Lodge. They designed the facility to have a lodge look and feel so that clients and four-legged guests alike would be comfortable during their visit with us.

Dr. Sue received her DVM degree from the University of Florida. She has 3 sons and enjoys volleyball, golf, piano, skiing and traveling. She has 2 ragdoll cats: Mia and Valentino; Pee Wee: the feisty little chihuahua; Blue: an adorable pit bull terrier; a ball phython; and Bella, the parrot who can be heard squawking, singing, or calling out “Go Gators” in the office!

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